Atelier of Pointy Hat / Atelier of Witch Hat / Atelier of Witch Hat: Das Geheimnis der Hexen / L'atelier des sorciers / Tongari Booshi no Atorie / Tongari Boushi no Atorie / Tongari Bōshi no Atelier / Tongari Bōshi no Atorie / Tongariboushi no Atelier / Witch Hat Atelier / Δ帽子 / とんがり帽子のアトリエ / 尖帽子的魔法工房
Original japanese
Author(s) SHIRAHAMA Kamome
Artist(s) SHIRAHAMA Kamome
Genre(s) seinen / adventure / comedy / drama / fantasy
Status Ongoing
Year 2016
20 users
Rank & Views
All Time: #524 - 1243831
365 Days: #534 - 149765
180 Days: #1234 - 3624
90 Days: #2325 - 293
30 Days: #4099 - 76
7 Days: #6637 - 17
24 Hours: #6477 - 1
12 Hours: #- - 0
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In a wonderfully created fantasy world, Coco is a young normal country seamstress who has always been fanatic about magic and dreams of using it. However, it is said that magic can only be used by witches. One day, Coco secretly witnesses a traveling witch, Quifrey, doing magic by drawing it. Equipped with this bit of knowledge, Coco, using an old magic book and pen she had gotten from a mysterious brimmed hat witch when she was little, tries drawing her own magic. This results with her turning her home and mother to stone. In order to rescue her mother, Coco must become a witch so she may gain access to a witch's library where she hopes to find a counter spell. Quifrey who is already instructing three other girls in magic, agrees to let Coco become his fourth witch apprentice. The story will follow Coco's apprenticeship as she discovers the secret world of magic, encounters dangers, and learn the mysteries involving the forbidden group of brimmed hat witches who have taken an unknown interest in her.

Note: Nominated for the 11th Manga Taishou Award in 2018.



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